Digital tools optimize and accelerate our processes in various areas. From recruiting and planning promoters, to performance at the POS, controlling and reporting of assignments, to wage payment and analysis of sales figures – our sophisticated tools and apps give our customers a head start.

The use of data to support decision making in marketing and sales has become indispensable. We work very specifically with “digital helpers” and evaluate them according to suitability and requirements, but always with the aim of increasing ROI (return on investment). With the data acquisition at the POS using an app paired with the analysis of market and shopper data, we are able to generate significant insights. Practical actions and goals will be derived from these findings, which will make the future business more efficient and successful.


We bring merchandising online.

Because the same applies to e-commerce:

“It can’t be bought if it isn’t there”.

With detail, every feature of your products, services and offers is digitally monitored 24/7.

Detail optimizes the online presence of your products. It monitors the availability, the price, the consumer ratings and the “share of shelf”. Detail also helps you keep track of your competitors and gives you a detailed ranking of the position of your product at each location of the retailer. Every day. 24/7.

More information: https://www.detailonline.com/


Our reporting solutions are as individual and diverse as our customers. In this respect, we focus entirely on the needs of our customers, knowing that there will be no “one-tool-fits-all” solution. Based on their goals and specifications, we evaluate the best product and ensure a tailor-made implementation.

We continuously generate insights from the reporting data and convert them into practical actions and goals.

Aus den Reportingdaten generieren wir kontinuierlich “Insights” und wandeln diese in praktische Handlungen und Ziele um.


Thanks to the Activation Analytics Tool “What the Shop” we make our activities measurable. At the POS, we measure the frequencies, coverage and time spent by your consumers. This enables us to continuously optimize our planning, operations and thus your investment. In addition, we can generate a large number of leads, support promotions and conduct direct contacts via mobile.


Personnel software – workforce planning made easy

Staffcloud simplifies your relationship with our flexible staff, temporary promoters and field agents – anytime, anywhere.

Our staff pool of around 2,000 people is managed entirely via Staffcloud. Using the Staffcloud app, we interact with our employees and coordinate the entire workforce planning. Efficient, effective and digital.

More informations on: https://www.staff.cloud/de


With AXIS, the CPM Group has developed a product that “forecasts the future”, i.e. offers a more precise identification of future opportunities. It is predictive analytics, prediction based on collected data and machine learning to make future business more efficient and successful. Through the additional collection of market and shopper data, we identify problems and/or opportunities at an early stage. Together we define how we can optimize your budget and all local marketing and sales activities for maximum ROI growth.


SHOPT offers brands a fast, effective and cost-effective way to increase sales in the relevant sales channel. It can be used as a stand-alone approach to the channel or as a complement to an existing sales team. The digital connection to stores via the app allows brands to connect with retailers at a time that suits them – resulting in more engagement… and action!

More information: https://www.shopt.co.uk