We manage and accompany qualified merchandising teams and take over the entire range of long-term POS support. Our goal is to become an eye-catcher for our customers with an impeccable POS presence and to constantly ensure the availability of goods. Attention-grabbing advertisements and perfectly maintained retail spaces are the most important keywords for us. We guarantee sustainable implementation and consistently high quality through continuous monitoring and any necessary improvements.


Continuous POS merchandising works! It strengthens the connection to the retailer and helps to increase the awareness and presentation of your brands and products at the point of sale. We do everything we can to focus the attention of our consumers and shoppers on their products and to boost their sales thanks to perfect shelf care and product presentation. Through regular POS merchandising, we generate important insights around the point of sale. These insights serve to continually improve our POS activities and ultimately increase their ROI.


Pure product placements in retail are no longer enough to inspire customers. The desire for unique and lasting shopping experiences is forcing manufacturers to come up with innovative design concepts that present their products in an attractive way. We offer you a specialized visual merchandising team for the implementation of seasonal marketing concepts, the conversion of complete shop areas and the redesign of defined retail spaces.

Creativity & design meet craftsmanship, decorative skills and technical equipment.


CPM ensures that your retail and POS investments are used correctly and efficiently. Highly professional, representative store checks: Your continuous source of information regarding POS compliance. Whether as a continuous check or situational immediate measure in the event of market changes:

– Implementation of defined brand standards

– Promotion/display checks

– Price observations

– Placement & POS Audits

– Competitive intelligence

Our controllers are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to provide you with the desired information quickly, comprehensively and immediately. They are only a mouse click away for you.