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The challenge

CPM was set the task by GSK to call on 800 symbol stores each month, selling 3 category deals by means of transfer orders. In conjunction with the task of selling into 800 stores per month, we were also tasked with defending the Panadol brand against a cheaper aggressive competitor brand, raising the distribution of the core lines in Oral Care & selling in a newly launched nutrition brand into all stores.

Our Solution

Recruited, trained & strategically placed four nationwide sales developers in the field in a 6 week turn around.

Identify & journey planned 800 stores from the Symbol mix to best target, based on store rankings sourced from relevant Wholesalers & Symbol Groups.

Identify deals best suited for the relevant symbols. Follow up on deliveries to build impactful displays & place best POS suited to defend Brands.


In a six week period, the field team sold 350 Oral care deals, 400 Panadol deals & 350 Maxi Nutrition deals, achieving 115% of volume targets for Q2. The team also placed over 560 pieces of POS in the defence of Panadol space & brand.

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Case studies

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