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The challenge

CPM Switzerland manages a fixed team of 80 field sales staff for 3’250 days p.a. of in-store sales demonstrations and sales consulting in DYI outlets all over the country.
CPM recruits and hires the field sales team, which is part-time and fixed employment per POS (40+). The sales results are reported weekly. Further to this, CPM also manages a tactical sales demonstration promotion for power tools and garden tools (seasonal) in additional POS with a flexible but trained team.

Our Solution
  • Shop-in-shop solutions/stands in all Swiss DYI outlets
  • All shop-in-shop staffed with CPM-/Bosch- Sales Experts
  • Product and brand activation
  • Build strong relationship with consumers
  • Product demonstration outlining product superiority via knowlegde and competence


The project has grown from a single POS pilot in Switzerland to an international concept. In Switzerland the number of POS’ is still expanding:
end of 2013: 40+ POS
end of 2014: 45 POS
end of 2015: 49 POS
end of 2016: 53 POS

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Case studies

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